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Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint Kit

Soft velcro cuffs for wrist friendly play placing cuffs in any way you want them to be whether it's top, bottom or side to side allowing to a max pleasure of rages of positions. 

Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage Restraint Kit

$51.98 Regular Price
$25.99Sale Price
  • Slip the straps under the mattress so that the end of the cuffs are free and kink kink away! This bedroom bondage kit comes with soft velcro cuffs for the wrist and you can place them any way you want them to be for  a versatile rage of positions. 

    -No bed posts required!

    -Four soft cuffs are attached to 60 inch (152cm) adjustable straps.

    • Also includes a 60 inch (152cm) adjustable connector strap for a secure fit
    • Portable and perfect for travel
    • Ingredients: 80% Polypropylene webbing, 12% polyester Velboa fabric, 4% ABS plastic, 4% Hook & Loop
    • Includes: 4-60 inch (152cm) adjustable straps with cuffs, 1-60 inch (152cm) connector strap

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