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Kinky Kreations E-Gift Card


Kinky Kreations E-gift cards are perfect for the holidays, special occasions, and even birthdays! Give the gift of pleasure and fun to a special someone, family member or a friend in your life.



E-Giftcard Details

  • By purchasing an e-giftcard, you agree to our Kinky Kreations by clicking 

  • E-giftcards are emailed to recipients after one hour after you place your order.

  • There's no expiritation date or hidden fee on e-giftcards.

  • You can redeem one Kinky Kreation's e-giftcard per order.

  • E-giftcards are not returnable,refundable or reedemable for cash except for required by law.

  • E-giftcards cannot be purchaed by coupons, promotional offers or Kinky Kreations giftcards.

  • Use it e-giftcards to shop on the Kinky Kreations website and mobile apps. 

  • Sold and delivered by Kinky Kreations, LLC

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